Average salary in public sector 60,000 dinars, average salary in private sector 38,000 dinars

The average salary in the public sector in Serbia in June this year was 59,389 dinars, the official statistics say. At the same time, according to a survey conducted by Mreza za Poslovnu Podrsku (Business Support Network), private sector employees companies have earned on average 322 euro or about 37,900 dinars.

Public-sector wages have been growing for years, with a new salary increase announced for 500,000 employees, the private sector pays monthly salaries between 318 and 325 euro, and this amount has not changed for four years now.

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Despite the government increasing the minimum wage on two occasions, the difference between public and private sector salaries remains significant.

Average earnings increased by about 7%.

According to the latest official data from the Ministry of Finance, the average salary in the public sector in March this year was 60,243 dinars. Employees of state-owned public companies received 74,718 dinars and their counterparts in local governments around 51,302. The average salary in administration at all levels was 64,185 dinars, in education and culture 56,908 dinars and in health and social care 54,618 dinars.

Public sector profits increased annually from 6 to 7.8%, with the highest growth recorded in February by state-owned public companies, which increased salaries by 10.2%.

Last year alone, wages in the public sector increased by 11.2%: education and culture increased by 18.4%, while the average wage in the health and social sector increased by 14.4%.

Wage growth in 2018 (compared to 2017)

Public sector salaries 11.2%

Administration, public sector 12.7%

Education and culture, public sector 18.4%

Health and social care, public sector 14.4%

The average salary in Serbia has grown at an annual rate of 1.6% in 2018, 0.9% in 2017 and 2.5% in 2016 over the last three years.

Average net salary in Serbia

2015 – 44,432 dinars

2016 – 46,097 dinars

2017 –  47,893 dinars

2018 – 49,650 dinars

Dragoljub Rajic, from the Business Support Network, says that the average real salary in the private sector is about 38,000 dinars. He adds that retail workers earn on average about 37,000 dinars (about 310 euro), those of production just over 38,000 dinars (about 317 euro) and those in service sector earn about 41,000 dinars (including IT and communications, which significantly boost the average).

In the region, the highest salary increase in Croatia

In the last four years, salary growth in Montenegro has been the lowest in the region. The average salary since 2015 has increased by 36 euro or 7.5%. In Croatia, the average net salary has increased from 753 euro to 877 euro in four years and in Slovenia from 1,013 euro to 1,113 euro. In North Macedonia, it rose from 360 to 408 euro. In the Republic of Srpska, the average salary increased from 424 to 464 euro, and in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 423 to 479 euro.

(Blic, 05.09.2019)



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