Average salary in Belgrade in October 82,000 dinars

Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić said that, according to data from the State Bureau of Statistics, the average salary in Belgrade in October was 82,000 dinars, or 705 euros.

Vesić told Tanjug news agency that the average salary in 2013 was 467 euros, adding that around 780,000 people work in Belgrade today, i.e. close to 220,000 more than in 2013, when around 560,000 employees were registered.

“Given the increase in salaries in the public sector, we expect the average salary in January to amount to 720 euros, so we will continue the positive trend,” Vesić said. He added that Serbia is aiming for an average national salary of 900 euros in 2025, which means the average salary in Belgrade will be around the 1,100 euro mark.

“All this shows that we acted well when we decided to work and protect ourselves during the pandemic. Belgrade will be one of the few cities that will work and stay open for the New Year holidays,” said Vesić.

According to him, some 40,000 people work in the catering sector in Belgrade, which is included in the employee statistics, adding that if they had not worked, the average salary in the capital would have been lower.

(N1, 26.12.2021)


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