Average salary in Belgrade EUR 628

According to July data, the average salary in Belgrade is 628 euro. The average salary in the capital is 124% higher compared to the national average. The average net salary in the first six months of this year in the Belgrade region was 73,277 dinars, while the national average was 59,222 dinars.

Traditionally, air traffic employees and software developers dominate in terms of wages. It’s the same this time too, and bearing in mind that most of them work in Belgrade it’s clear why the statistics are like this.

Computer programming, consulting and related activities have the highest average salaries in Serbia, 158,000 dinars. Air traffic employees earn slightly less on average, around 150,400 dinars.

Traditionally, among the top five professions with the highest wages, there are people working in the tobacco industry, in addition to those employed in information and communication sector with an average salary of about 118,000 dinars.

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Interestingly, people in science and research now also have a high salary, around 116,000 dinars. The financial sector used to dominate in terms of highest salaries a few years back, but not anymore.

The analysis performed by the State Statistical Office also showed that the capital has the highest employment rate, 7 +% compared to the national average.

(Blic, 28.09.2020)




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