Average salary in April – EUR 416

The average net salary in April 2018 was 416 euros, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia says.

The average salary (gross) calculated for April 2018 amounted to 67,901 dinars, while the average salary without taxes and contributions (net) amounted to 49.117 dinars, according to the Statistical Office.

Compared to the same month of the previous year, the average gross wage was nominally higher by 6.2 percent, and in real terms by 5 percent, while the average net salary increased by 6.7 percent in nominal terms and by 5.5 percent in real terms.

The median gross salary amounted to 52,779 dinars, while the median net salary amounted to 38,394 dinars, the Statistical Office reports.

(Gde Investirati, 25.06.2018)

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