Average salary in August 45,286 Dinars

The average salary in Serbia in August was 45, 286 Dinars (or around 370 EUR) and is 3% lower than the average salary in July this year.

 The Serbian Statistical Office says that the average salary in August 2016, compared to the same period last year, is nominally 1.5% higher, but realistically (compared against living costs) it is only 0.3% higher. The difference between monthly salaries of different work profiles is huge and the ratio between the highest and lowest salary in Serbia is 1:8.

The best paid people were those working in air traffic, computer programmers and consultants. Their average salaries ranged from 140,280 Dinars to 160,423 Dinars. At the same time, people working in travel agencies received the lowest salaries – only 20,831 Dinars.

Top paid professions also include managers and advisors with the average salary of 124,000 Dinars, followed by the people working in the mining sector with the average monthly salary of around 120,000 Dinars.

(Vecernje Novosti, 26.09.2016)

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