Average net salary in 2021 was 558 euros – highest salaries in Belgrade

The average net salary in Serbia last year was 65,864 dinars (558 euros), while in Belgrade, the city with the highest salaries, it was 82,132 dinars (698 euros).

Residents of Bojnik (Central Serbia) had the lowest salaries, an average of 45,019 dinars (382 euros), as did residents of Vlasotince, Presevo, Razanj and Svrljig.

By comparison, in 2020, the national average was about 60,000 dinars or 511 euros. In one year, salaries have nominally increased by 9.6%, reports Politika daily.

The average salary in the public sector in 2021 was 72,674 dinars (617 euros), in state public companies 82,787 dinars (703 euros), and in local public companies 63,183 dinars (537 euros). Civil servants earned on average 75,648 dinars (643 euros), social and medical workers 73,981 dinars (628 euros), and educators and culture workers 66,323 dinars (563 euros).

The average salary in Novi Sad was 75,773 dinars (644 euros) and 62,494 dinars (531 euros) for the entire Vojvodina Autonomous Region.

(Blic, 20.03.2022)



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