Average household income in Serbia 78,393 dinars

The average monthly income in money and in-kind per household in Serbia last year was 78,393 dinars and personal expenses were 78,678.

The average household income jumped by 9.3 percent and personal expenses by 9.4 percent compared to 2021 – said the State Statistics Office (RZS).

The largest share of income in money and in-kind was income from regular employment – 49.9 percent, pensions – 32.1 percent and income from agriculture, hunting and fishing – 4.3 percent.

When it comes to personal consumption, the largest share was spent on food and soft drinks – 36.0 percent and on housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels – 16.1 percent.

According to the RZS, the Belgrade region had the largest share in the national GDP of 40.2 percent, followed by Vojvodina with 25.8 percent, Šumadija and Western Serbia with 18.7 percent and South and Eastern Serbia with 15.3 percent.

The Belgrade region generated 1,492,000 dinars of GDP per capita, Vojvodina 885,000, Šumadija and Western Serbia 628,000 dinars, and Southern and Eastern Serbia 661,000 dinars.

(Politika, 22.10.2023)


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