Average cost of New Year’s celebration for four-member family in Serbia 8,000 dinars

There are no huge crowds, running around and shopping in preparation for the celebration of New Year’s Eve in Serbia this year.

The most cost-effective way for people in Serbia to celebrate the New Year’s Eve is at home, with their families. Should you choose to celebrate it in a restaurant, the cheapest festive dinner with drinks at a restaurant will set you back 2,400 dinars per person, while the complete festive menu for a four-member family celebrating at home is around 8,000 dinars.

One of the advantages of celebrating at home that you can buy whatever you need at major supermarket chains thanks to a 300-day-deferred payment, which means that many people in Serbia will pay for their 2019 New Year celebration at the end of 2020.

Usually, 70% of people celebrate the New Year’s Eve at home. The rest travels and celebrates in restaurants, while a small number of them spend this night in their workplace.

New Year’s holidays are always a delight for shops, because of significantly higher revenues.

“Our best selling item on the New Year’s Eve is meat”, says Olivera Ćirković, Univerexport’s PR and adds:” Most shoppers buy fresh meat, fish or pork. Since there is also a high demand for delicatessen, we have reduced the prices of our cheeses and cured meat products. It is interesting to note that shoppers are keen to buy expensive alcoholic beverages at this time of the year since their prices are reduced between 30% and 50%. Plus, we offer a 108-day-deferred payment option can be repaid to a delay of 180 days, regardless of the value of the purchase. Owners of the DINA payment card can pay their goods in six installments, without interest.”


The average price of celebrating the New Year’s even at a restaurant or a tavern is about 50 euro per person. This usually includes a drink and a gala dinner. However, many bars also charge an entrance fee of 20 euro. Depending on the type of establishment, for this price, some offer just a welcome drink and a small snack, while some have a buffet and drinks all night.

The New Year’s celebration at certain hotels and restaurants in Skadarlija can cost up to100 euro per person, which includes musical entertainment, a four course dinner and unlimited drinks.

(Vecernje Novosti, 26.12.2018)




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