Average car in Serbia is 15 years old

The average age of cars in Serbia is 15 years, according to a poll conducted by the site Used Cars (Polovni Automobili) among its registered users.

In the survey conducted from February to September, 31,988 registered users of the website participated, and more than 40per cent of them said that their cars had been produced between 2001 and 2005.

The car brand that Serbian drivers usually choose when buying a second car is Volkswagen (13.4 per cent), 10.6 per cent choose Opel and 9.1 per cent Renault.

In the top 10 most frequently bought cars are also Fiat, Audi, Peugeot, BMW and Ford. Citroen, which, according to the website’s survey is the choice of less thn 5per cent of drivers, takes the 9th place. Mercedes takes the 10th place while most survey respondents (22.9 percent) did not buy any of the ten aformentioned car brands.

When it comes to fuel, diesel takes the first place with 54.99 per cent survey participants confirming that they are driving cars with a diesel engine. The second most popular fuel is petrol with 24.56 per cent, while 12.7 per cent drivers have cars with the petrol/natural gas combination.

The survey by Polovniautomobili.com also shows that 0.06 per cent of people drive a hybrid car. When it comes to the car body type, most of the drivers drive sedans (27.9 per cent), followed by hatchbacks and caravans.


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