Average age of cars in Serbia lower

According to the data collated by the Interior Ministry, the average age of a used vehicle in Serbia in 2019 was 15.63 years. This means that the average age of used cars in the country is now lower by two years compared to 2018.

The majority of bought used cars in Serbia cost between € 1,000-5,000.

French and German brands are the most popular, as are certain other models like Peugeot 206, Opel Corsa, Ford Fiesta, Fiat Punto, Renault Clio, Skoda Fabia and Citroen C3. These are the best-selling four-wheelers in Serbia, due to their price and low service costs.

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Despite the pandemic, the profile of the most sought-after cars looks similar to before: around 10 years old, with mileage up to 200,000km and spare parts that can be easily found in local auto-shops. Furthermore, it seems that there is still no concern over the announced ban on the import of cars with Euro 3 engines.

Car dealerships in Belgrade say that cars costing between 2,000 and 5,000 euro are the best sellers, and that the used car market is slowly returning to the pre-COVID-19 period.

When Serbia bans the import of used cars with Euro 3 engines, the price of an average used car will go up by at least 500 euro and import of cars older than 14 years will not be possible.

(Blic, 07.10.2020)


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