Avala Studios: “Kosutnjak Park will not be touched”

The company Avala Studios, which will implement the Avala Film Park project, announced that the construction for the new film studios will not take place at Kosutnjak Park, which is and will remain for public use.

“The public has the wrong perception that our project will be realized in the public space that Kosutnjak Park occupies. The people of Belgrade should know that their favourite picnic area, Kosutnjak forest, ski and toboggan runs, have nothing to do with our project and will not be touched,” said Petar Dajko, general director of Avala Studios.

Avala Studio says that the construction is planned in the area where the company’s studios are currently located, which is separated from the Kosutnjak Park by a road. This space has never been allocated for public use and has been neglected due to lack of maintenance.

Avala Studios also says that after the construction of new film studios and accompanying facilities, in addition to investments in film production facilities, the citizens will have 10 new hectares of land for public use.

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The plan is also to build a new elementary school, two nurseries and modern sports facilities. No valuable trees will be cut down for the purpose of the project, the company says.

The press release also states that the detailed regulatory plan, subject to public inspection, will be implemented on 86 hectares of land that have been determined by the Institute for Urban Planning.

“These 86 hectares stretch from Banovo Brdo towards Cerak and Žarkovo, in front of which is Košutnjak, i.e. the part that is not part of the protected area of the Košutnjak forest. The plan covers 86 hectares, while the part currently used by Avala Studios is around 40 hectares,’ says the investor.

“The remaining part, i.e. the forest land of about 7 hectares which belongs to St. Luke Church, spaces and land used by Film Archive (Kinoteka), premises and studios of the Radio Television Serbia, the Fire Station, the Faculty of Physical Education, the Zastava Film Company and other private facilities will not be affected,” adds the press release.

The petition for stopping construction in the Kosutnjak Park was signed by more than 50,000 citizens in the previous days, while more than 7,000 objections were submitted to the detailed regulatory plan.

(N1, 21.07.2020)



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