Austria’s Thermowool to start building factory in Šid in late March

After more than a decade since the last greenfield investment, the two of Šid is about to get another one. The Vienna-based company Thermowool intends to build a production facility in the industrial zone not far from Adaševci.

The agreement on the purchase of land was signed last month, and the groundbreaking ceremony is planned for late March, Radio and Television of Vojvodina (RTV) reports.

Thermowool is engaged in the production of glass fibres.

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“The investment is worth close to EUR 5 million. The headquarters of Thermowool Serbia will be located in Šid, and the parent company is based in Austria. Thermowool has bought 10 hectares of land in the industrial zone from the state. We expect the groundbreaking ceremony to take place in the next few days,” said Zoran Semenovic, the deputy president of the Municipality of Šid.

He added that, in addition to that Thermowool, the Dali Trade Company also plans to build a factory in Šid. This company has a long tradition in the production of dough and other food products. These two factories combined will employ around 100 people.

According to Semenovic, the equipping of the industrial zone in Šid took more than ten years and over 100 hectares of land is now properly equipped to suit investors’ needs.

(eKapija, 12.03.2020)


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