Austrians interested in investing in solar plants in Serbia

Austrian company Solid Solar Energy Systems is interested in investing in solar power plants in Serbia, said the company’s director Stephan Jantscher after a meeting with Serbian Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic.

“Together with our Serbian partners we have studied the market and conducted several feasibility studies for different cities in order to assess the potential of solar energy. We are ready for the detailed design and implementation of solar plants. We have the technology and experience as we have been on the market for more than 30 years and operate more than 20 systems,” said the director of Solid which came to Serbia three years ago.

During the conversation with the Austrian company’s delegation, Mihajlovic underlined that Serbia recently implemented four important laws in the energy and mining sector, including the brand new law on renewable energy sources, and that investments in renewable energy sources were important for the country.

“We want to see as many renewable energy companies as possible in Serbia, to build hydro, gas and solar plants and contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Energy and environmental security during the energy transition and green energy is important for Serbia. Our goal is to achieve 40% of energy being generated from renewable sources by 2040,” said the Minister.

(eKapija, 05.05.2021)


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