Austrian supermarket chain SPAR not coming to Serbia

The Austrian supermarket chain Spar currently has no plans to come to the Serbian retail market, Christian Sperger, project development manager at ASPIAG told Retail Serbia.

On the other hand, according to the Retail Serbia website, the Russian retail group, Torgservis is preparing to enter the Serbian market.

According to unofficial information, ASPIAG (Austria Spar International AG), as the owner of the Spar license for Serbia, examined the Serbian market but the management renounced the investment presumably due to the high price of the commercial spaces.

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Spar has already tried several times to enter the Serbian retail market. The first time in 2007 when the company was planning to open hypermarkets in Belgrade and Vojvodina, and later by acquiring existing supermarket chains, but after a detailed analysis those plans were abandoned.

(Danas, 07.09.2020)

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