Austrian owners to shut down Mitros Meatpacking Company

The employees of the Mitros Meatpacking Company from Sremska Mitrovica recently got the notification that the factory would close down by the end of the year.

The owner of Mitros, Gierlinger Holding GmbH, based in Austria, has made the decision to stop the production in this meatpacking company.

“Based on a detailed analysis of the company’s operations, the management and the owners of Gierlinger Holding GmbH were forced to make the difficult decision to stop the production activities in MITROS FLEISCHWAREN DOO in Sremska Mitrovica. For the sake of transparency and being just to the employees, the employer has decided to notify the employees about this decision as soon as possible,” the company’s press release says.

It is added that concrete steps would be taken in order for the decision to be implemented, as well as that the precise deadline for closing down the factory would be set in the coming period.

“This is an extremely difficult situation for both the employees and the company’s management. However, at the moment, we are asking for patience and understanding regarding the situation which has led to this decision being made,” the company adds.

The factory was officially opened in 2016 by the then Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić. The Serbian government approved EUR 5.3 million in subsidies to the Austrian investor based on the agreement that the factory would employ 300 workers immediately and 700 at a later date.

(eKapija, 24.09.2023)

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