Auditors combing through public enterprise Putevi Srbije (Roads of Serbia)

The state auditors asked have requested the public enterprise, Putevi Srbije (Roads of Serbia) to replace its current director, Zoran Drobnjak and to appoint a new one in accordance with the Law on Public Enterprises.

This comes after the latest report compiled by state auditors which reveals that the same person has been the head of this company for more than six years, while the law allows for a maximum of one.

As the auditors pointed out, Drobnjak has been acting as interim director of this joint-stock company for more than six years and “this is not in accordance with the Law on Public Enterprises, which stipulates that the period for performing this function may not exceed one year”, the auditors point out.

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The state auditors have therefore recommended Putevi Srbije to eliminate the noted irregularities. Any recommendations that state auditors give are legally binding.

By a decree adopted by the Government of Serbia in November 2013, Drobnjak was appointed interim director of the public enterprise Putevi Srbije. In December, he signed a fixed-term contract, which is in force from 29 November 2019 until the end of his term of office.

“The contract regulates the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the appointed director, who, according to the contract, is entitled to a salary in the amount of 170,162 dinars plus without tax and contributions, and the corresponding increases for previous work”, reads the report. The company was given 90 days to appoint a new director.

The auditors have also analyzed and audited public tenders conducted by the company.

In 2018 and 2019, Putevi Srbije purchased goods, services and works in the amount of 51.38 billion dinars without holding regular public procurement procedures although there was no ground for the company not to adhere to the rules of the Law on Public Procurements. Putevi Srbije has not documented the estimated value of public procurements, in accordance with the Public Procurement Law, for 51 public contracts which estimated worth is 7.18 billion dinars”, the report points out.

The report also states Putevi Srbije has initiated 30 public procurements of an estimated value of 6.01 billion dinars, without fulfilling the relevant prerequisites to launch a public procurement.

Furthermore, this company did not carry out the procedures and activities of awarding contracts in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement in 22 public tenders, estimated to be worth 4.63 billion dinars, concludes the report.

(Nova, 04.11.2020)

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