Auction for 5G provider to be launched in Serbia next year

The Serbian Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL) announces that the auction for the 5G range will probably be launched in 2020.

“In that sense, Serbia is not lagging behind Europe, which is also undergoing the same process,” says the director of RATEL, Vladica Tintor, underlining that it’s not a question of who implements the 5G system sooner, but who is readier in market terms to use the technology.

“The implementation of the 5G technology for its own sake doesn’t make much sense, as users already enjoy good service. If businesses are ready to accept this transformation, in line with the government’s efforts toward digitization, the sooner this is done, the more the 5G technology will make sense,” Tintor said.

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He says that, in late 2018 and early 2019, many European countries had similar auctions and that many more are planned.

Together will other state institutions, RATEL will prepare the auction for the next year, but this will not be the only requirement for the 5G technology to be implemented in Serbia.

As he said, mobile operators pay a lot of money for the licenses and they have certain expectations when it comes to returns on their investments.

“The fifth generation of mobile telephony has an entirely different business model compared to the previous generations,” Tintor added.

He explained that the previous generations of mobile telephony had been based exclusively on the user experience in the sense of telecommunications and that the fifth generation would certainly highlight that segment in the sense of the faster Internet, enhanced services and the possibility of watching TV programmes on mobile phones in real time.

However, he adds, the business model is such that the idea is to include many other sectors in the telecommunications sector, including driverless vehicles and agriculture.

(Blic, 10.06.2019)

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