Attracting and retaining employees one of the biggest problems for Serbian companies

The biggest challenges for companies of all sizes this year are still attracting potential candidates and retaining employees and this trend is particularly pronounced in companies with more than 300 employees, according to research conducted by Infostud.

Challenges with employee motivation and organizational issues are on the rise, while for companies with up to 50 employees, the focus is more on monitoring trends and benefits.

If we look at individual industries, companies in the sectors like logistics and transportation of goods and passengers have the most challenges with retaining employees (as many as 71 percent), while companies in the FMCG sector, i.e. consumer goods (58 percent) and manufacturing have the biggest problems with attracting candidates. (55 percent).

When it comes to the work environment, research has shown that there is a difference in the approach to working outside the workplace (remote work) and working from the office.

The relevant data show that working from the company is mandatory for all employees in 46 percent of companies.

Respondents from companies outside the IT industry once again confirmed that due to the nature of the job, working from home is far less prevalent.

As many as 47 percent stated that coming to the workplace is mandatory and there are no major fluctuations in this trend compared to last year’s survey.

Mandatory work from the office is more prevalent in small and medium-sized companies, while large companies show a bit more flexibility when it comes to remote work.

In terms of individual industries, marketing, media and communications, banking, finance and auditing have significantly more flexible forms of work, while work from the office is more prevalent in the sectors like logistics, transportation of goods and passengers (67 percent), production (59 percent) and trade/sales (56 percent).

(Nova Ekonomija, 29.05.2024)

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