Atanackovic: “Possible fuel shortages at petrol stations if margins are not increased”

“Unless the Serbian government allows the free formation of prices of petroleum products or petrol companies to increase their price margins, there could be a fuel shortage at petrol stations in Serbia starting March 11. Following the government’s decree, the purchase and retail prices of fuel are now practically the same,” said Honorary President of the Union of Employers of Serbia, Nebojsa Atanackovic.

Private petrol station owners buy oil derivatives mainly from the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) and MOL. Since yesterday, NIS has been making limited deliveries per transaction per day of 1,000 litres of fuel.

“NIS has raised its prices, which means that the purchase and retail price are now the same so petrol station owners will not make any profit whatsoever,” said Atanackovic, who also owns a petrol station.

He added that the solution could be to allow an increase in price margin, albeit a limited one. The decree on capping fuel prices, approved by the Serbian government on February 10, expires on March 10. The decree stipulates that the maximum retail price of Euro diesel and Euro premium BMB 95 petroleum products is 179 dinars (1.5 euros), or 171 dinars (about 1.4 euros) per litre.

The Government of Serbia approved the decree on limiting the price of petroleum products in order to prevent serious disruptions on the market.

(Novi Magazin, 03.03.2022)



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