At Delphi Automotive, 18M Euro in incentives for 3000 jobs

The British company Delphi automotive will hire 3,000 people in Serbia by the end of 2018, 2,000 of which will be hired in Novi Sad. This British investor will receive a total of 18 million Euro in incentives in order to provide these new jobs, said prime minister Aleksandar Vucic at the signing ceremony for the incentive agreement.

The agreement was signed by economic minister Zeljko Sertic and Delphi General Manager of Europe Vincent Fagard in the old Neobus warehouse, which Delphi has rented in order to begin production.

Vucic has said that Delphi will hire 30,000 people in the whole of Europe, and 10% will be hired in Serbia. The prime minister stated that the investment will total approximately 40 million Euro and that the workers will produce spare parts for Volvo and Jaguar automobiles.

“After 35 years, this is the first investment of its size in Novi Sad, and it is very important, not just for Vojvodina, but for Serbia as a whole. In the following years, Delphi will invest approximately 18 million Euros in production and will hire an additional 1,000 people in another location in Serbia,” Vucic said, adding that various incentives were used to attract this British company. In the end, the Serbian government and the city provided a total of 18 million Euro.

Approximately 300 people are already employed by Delphi. 150 work in the rented warehouse, and an additional 150 are currently being trained in Romania, where the company has another factory. The 18,000 m2 warehouse, which should start to work at full capacity in July, is expected to be expanded to 25,000 m2.

Novi Sad Mayor Milos Vucicevic said that after three decades, the factories in Novi Sad are not closing. Instead, they are opening, and after so much time, the city finally has the support of the government. “Tens of thousands of people in Novi Sad lost their jobs. They were not victims of transition, but rather of privatization and bad policies that existed until 2012,” Vucicevic said.

Delphi’s General Manager for Europe, Vincent Fagard, stated that this is an important day in the company’s history. “We have always been very selective with regards to the choice of locations for future factories. In Serbia, we are satisfied with both the quality and the education of the workforce,” said Fagard, concluding that they have chosen the right city.

(Politika, 19.02.2016.)

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