Assassination of Oliver Ivanovic: Investigation continues, two policemen arrested

Two police officers from the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica have been detained on suspicion that they did not properly secure the crime scene of Oliver Ivanovic’s murder – Njazi Redza, the prosecutor conducting investigation into Ivanovic’s murder, has confirmed.

Redza told Pristina web portal Kallxo that the police officers, whose names were not divulged, were detained for 48 hours because they did not properly secure the crime scene immediately after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

The Gazeta Express previously published a statement from the Kosovo police saying that two locations in the northern part of the city were searched, following the orders from Kosovska Mitrovica Court, and that a TT gun, two bullets, and two clips containing  7.62 mm caliber ammunition, were found.

Oliver Ivanovic, leader of the SDP Citizens Initiative, was killed on 16th January in front of the party’s headquarters in North Mitrovica.

On Friday, Pristina delivered the documentation in connection to the murder of GI SDP leader Oliver Ivanovic to the Serbia Ministry of Justice via the EULEX office.

As the Vecernje Novosti daily has learned at the Ministry of Justice, the documentation contains an autopsy report and the investigation files. The documents were forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime.

On the same day that Ivanovic was murdered, the Prosecution requested that the Kosovo authorities provide copies of the records of the investigation, photo documentation from the crime scene, as well as other information that could be of significance. After ten days, on 26th January, the Prosecution sent another request for mutual legal assistance, requiring more evidence.

The Deputy Regional Commander of the Kosovo Police, Beshim Hoti said for the Vecernje Novosti that the investigation would continue at full speed.

(InSerbia, 11.02.2018) 

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