As of yesterday, speed limit on a motorway section in Belgrade is 100km/h

A multi-lane road running through Belgrade, from the Bubanj Potok interchange to the Belgrade interchange, has officially become a motorway, as the Decree of the Republic of Serbia by which this traffic route is recategorized has come into effect.

As Damir Okanovic, the director of the Traffic Safety Committee, explains the official name of this traffic route is now Motorway M11, it once again has an emergency lane and the speed limit is 100 kilometres per hour.

Following this decision, no bicycles, pedestrians, tractors, carts, construction and other industrial machines and mopeds are allowed to use this road.

Okanovic adds that this traffic route, that is, the new motorway, does not stretch to the Dobanovci Interchange, but to the Belgrade Interchange, which is ahead of the Dobanovci Interchange.

He also points out that on this traffic route, there are still sections where the traffic signs indicate that speeds of over 100km/h are allowed, so the question is how this will be regulated in practice, that is, whether the drivers will be penalized if they drive faster, or if they comply with the traffic signs.

Okanovic explains that there is a conflict between the legal and the practical situation and that “the drivers will not suffer any consequences because of this discrepancy between the situation on the road and the relevant regulation”.

“It is important to note that, as far as the courts, the prosecutor’s office and the traffic police are concerned, this is now a motorway and drivers should act in line with the law”, Okanovic adds.

(eKapija, 31.03.2024)


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