As of today, public transport in Belgrade to service all citizens

At the request of the President of Serbia and the new decision made by the government crisis unit, the Public Transport Secretariat gave new instructions to public transport companies.

As of today, all citizens will be able to use public transport, not just those who are employed, and the bus passes they purchased before the state of emergency will continue to be valid.

The Belgrade Secretary for Public Transport, Jovica Vasiljevic, underlined that public transport in Belgrade will start at four o’clock in morning, with the same number of vehicles on the road as before the pandemic and the state of emergency.

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Since now all citizens are allowed to use public transport in Belgrade, the measures introduced earlier on the basis of instructions from the government crisis unit, are now no longer valid.

Vasiljevic appealed to citizens to respect the recommendations of epidemiologists, i.e. to continue using masks and gloves while practising social distancing.

“This comes to down to personal choice and responsibility of citizens and it is no longer the responsibility of the transport company to comply with these measures,” said Vasiljevic.

Yesterday, President Aleksandar Vucic asked Prime Minister Ana Brnabic to abolish the decision that only the employees with monthly bus passes could use public transport.

(RTV. 07.05.2020)

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