As of today bank clients can lodge their complaints online

As of today, Monday, February 11th, all banks in Serbia are obligated to enable their clients to file complaints through the banks’ websites and clearly display a notification containing information about the procedure of the protection of users’ rights – the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) told Tanjug news agency.

On January 10th, 2019, the NBS adopted the Decision on the Bank Procedure for Complaints by Users of Financial Services and the Decision on the Bank Procedure for Complaints by Legal Persons, which comes into effect on February 11th.

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Also, it was stipulated that banks should enable people using banking services on their mobile phones to lodge their complaints via the same medium, i.e. through mobile phone apps.

“Banks will need to issue a confirmation of receipt of the complaint in every individual case, instead of following an explicit request from the person who filed a complaint, as it was the case until now”, the NBS explains.

This provides bank clients with the proof that they have filed a complaint in case they decide to continue the procedure by filing a complaint to the NBS or in front of a court.

The NBS adds that the filing of a complaint is enabled for corporate and retail clients equally, as there are now precise instructions in place on how a complaint to the Central Bank should look.

(Blic, 10.02.2019)



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