As of March, Telenor will be called Yettel

The Telenor telecommunications company will continue to operate under the name Yettel from March in Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The brand change will take place in those three countries where the PPF, a Czech financial and investment group incorporated in the Netherlands which owns Telenor, uses the Telenor brand. The transition period starts on Thursday and ends in March. It does not require any users’ activity, the Telenor Serbia statement has added.

„Yettel is a new name, a new word which will accompany the launch of new products and services in 2022. At the same time, our strategic focus remains unchanged. We want to develop our business further, and contribute to the Serbian economy and the community by offering quality services through a state-of-the-art network and infrastructure,“ Mike Michel, CEO of PPF Group Telenor Serbia, said.

(Politika, 27.01.2022)

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