As of July this year, the number of feminicides as high as the whole of 2021

The director of Belgrade’s Women’s Shelter organization, Vesna Stanojević, says that the number of women murdered (feminicides) by July this year was only one less than the number of women murdered during the entire previous year -18 by July 2022 compared to 19 in the whole of 2021.

“I dare to imagine what figures we would have by the end of the year,” Stanojević said, pointing out that the first murder of a woman took place on 6 January, i.e. during the Christmas holidays.

Stanojević adds that the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence and the plan for the networking of institutions engaged in the protection of victims of domestic violence brought some results, particularly when it comes to removing violent members of the family from the property in which the family resides. However, she underlines that the number of murders and cases of domestic violence had unfortunately not decreased, on the contrary.

There are three women’s shelters in Belgrade, but the number of women who need protection in this respect is 20 per cent higher than these shelters’ capacity.

“The number of reported cases is increasing. There are three women’s shelters in Belgrade that are not enough for all the women (victims of domestic violence) who apply for accommodation there,” Stanojević warns.

(Dnevnik, 02.08.2022)

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