As of 1st June, only one piece of luggage per person allowed in buses

On 1st June, new rules regarding the number of luggage pieces allowed on buses apply.

However, the new regulation which implies that you can take one bag weighing up to 23 kilogrammes with you on the bus will not be implemented by all travel agencies.

The director of the National Association of Tourist Agencies of Serbia (YUTA), Aleksandar Seničić, comments on the new rule:”Unfortunately, such decision is the consequence of a smaller number of travellers who behaved irresponsibly and carried incredible amount of luggage with them – both to their holiday destinations and back. Namely, due to their safety, this measure was in some way forced, and following the example of colleagues in the aviation industry, we imposed a new rule taken: one seat – one piece of luggage. I believe that most of the colleagues from travel agencies will allow excess luggage such as baby carriages and similar equipment, so I see no reason why this would affect passengers badly. Realistically speaking, one piece of luggage weighing 23 kilogrammes is more than enough for a ten-day holiday”.

He further warns that bringing food (meat, vegetables, etc.) into foreign countries is mostly not allowed. “Travel agencies do not have the right to control how much food a passenger is taking, but food can be permanently confiscated upon entering the destination country, so we do not want to take responsibility for this, as the fines range from 300,000 to 2 million dinars”, says Seničić.

(, 05.06.2024)

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