As of 18 May only e-registration of companies available

As of 18th May this year, the application for forming a company should be filed with the Serbian Business Registers Agency (APR) only in electronic form, the Ministry of Economy has announced.

In line with the amendments to the Law on the Procedure of Registration with the Business Registers Agency from 2021, initiated by the Ministry of Economy, the Business Registers Agency is obliged to receive said applications in electronic form exclusively, which is in line with the concept of e-government and digitization of the operations of the whole business sector, the Serbian government says.

This practically means that company owners will no longer be able to file company formation application in paper.

This will reduce both the costs and the time needed to legally register a company and reduces the time that the Serbian Business Registers Agency needs to register a company, which all contributes to a higher efficiency of this state body.

(eKapija, 28.03.2023)

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