As of 15th June, electric scooters should be registered with Traffic Safety Agency

From June 15, drivers of electric scooters can participate in traffic only if they have the appropriate sticker issued by the Traffic Safety Agency, the Ministry of Interior announced on its Instagram account.

Along with this information, the Ministry of Interior also stated the expected obligations of electric scooter drivers. One of them is that the electric scooter should be driven on a bicycle path, a pedestrian-bicycle path or a bicycle lane.

If there is no designated path, the driver of the electric scooter can use it on the road where the speed limit is 30 km/h. or 50 km/h if the scooter driver is over 18 years old.

When crossing the street, the driver of the electric scooter must not drive it, that is, they must get off the electric scooter and push it across the street, except when they are crossing the bicycle path.

The driver of an electric scooter must also wear a light-reflecting vest when using the road and in conditions of reduced visibility and at night, the driver is obliged to wear a light-reflecting vest when driving on the bicycle path. Furthermore, the driver of the electric scooter is obliged to wear a protective bicycle helmet, while using headphones in both ears while driving is strictly forbidden. New rules also state that an electric scooter cannot transport more than one person.

(eKapija, 01.06.2024)

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