Art+Science exhibition – photos that blossom, human symphony transformed into feelings, Serbia’s debt as diabetes

From November 13th to December 8th, the Centre for the Promotion of Science organizes a series of events that will combine art, science and culture.

On Tuesday, November 13th, the exhibition Art + Science + Makers will be opened at two locations: at 6 pm at the Cervantes Institute and at 7 pm at the Museum of Applied Arts.

The works that artists will exhibit are a blend of artistic inspiration and new technologies. For example, at the Museum of Applied Arts, Dr Bojana Gligorijevic will stage an exhibition called “Bioart”. Gligorijevic is a graduate chemist who earned her bio-physics doctorate from Georgetown University. At Albert Einstein University, she developed methods for recording cancer cells in real time and calculating the probability of metastasis based on the footage. Her installation – “Bioart” – will show the incredible beauty that is happening at the microscopic level when DNA is transferred from the coral at the bottom of the Pacific, which shines in the dark when the sun touches the water, to human cells.

Another exhibition that the visitors will be able to see is Milijana Komad’s “Body Symphony”. Komad, who is a doctor of science and a pioneer in the field of digital art, is also an expert on transhumanism. Her installation, that uses software and sensors, tries to “read” a person, become empathetic, feel how the person feels and sound how the person sounds. The sculpture generates audio-visual responses and converts human feelings to the symphony.

For more information about other exhibitions please click here.

All the exhibitions will be opened until December 8th.

On Wednesday, November 14th, from 9 am, a conference will be held at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, where numerous artists, scientists and “makers” from the country and abroad will discuss the nature and variety of different models that combine art and science.

(Blic, 13.11.2018)

Photo credits: OPN

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