Around 17% of university students have been victims of some form of sexual assault

According to the Serbian Victimology Society, about 17% of university students have been exposed to some form of sexual violence, of these about 90% are female students and about 10% are male students.

According to the research done on the occasion of the European Day of Victims, more than 1/4 of the survey respondents know a student who has been exposed to some form of sexual violence at their university – the most common form of violence against students is verbal sexual harassment.

The analysis showed that the majority of students have experienced violence more than once, of which over 78% of cases relate to verbal sexual harassment. “A percentage of repeat victimization is also high in nonverbal sexual harassment (63.9%) and physical sexual harassment (55.4%),” the report states.

The Victimology Society found that in all forms of violence except sexual blackmail, the majority of perpetrators are the students themselves, although in several faculties the number of perpetrators within the ranks of the faculty is higher, or similar to the number of students.

1,597 students in the third and fourth year of academic studies from 22 faculties and 6 universities in Serbia were surveyed.

(Politika, 21.02.2022)

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