Are the employees of Nikola Tesla Airport safe from layoffs?

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Zoran Djordjevic, said that the government of Serbia guarantees that the rights of the employees of Nikola Tesla airport will be upheld and that there will be no layoffs.

The Minister, after a meeting with the airport’s director, Francois Berisot, and the representatives of trade unions and workers, said that the Serbian government guarantees that the rights of airport employees will be respected and will not be violated.

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As the relevant Ministry announced, they will continue to support the improvement of the position of workers. The minister also said that during the negotiations for the concession of the airport, the workers were actively involved in all decisions that were made accordingly, and added that no-one should violate their rights.

Djordjevic went on to say there will be no layoffs, although due to the coronavirus epidemic, the number of passengers in the first half of this year decreased by 61.4% and in the second quarter by as much as 94.6% compared to the same period last year, which resulted in a significant reduction in the company’s revenue.

The current volume of traffic and passengers is such that only parts of Terminal 2 are open, while Terminal 1 is not in use.

“There were no layoffs for airport employees and the company held on to all of its employees during the crisis caused by COVID-19 for more than six months, despite most of them being on paid leave. Those employees who have found a better job and still want to terminate the employment contract will be entitled to severance pay”, announced Djordjevic.

He added that he also spoke with the employees, because it is important that they know that the state takes care of them and that they will not lose their jobs, despite the difficult situation.

(RTS, 07.10.2020)

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