Are Serbian nationals going to be allowed to vacation in Greece next year?

A group of hoteliers in Greece requested that the moratorium approved by the government, which allows travel agencies not to refund the money already collected for holidays that were not used due to the pandemic until January 1, 2022, to be extended until 2025.

“The Greeks have asked for an extension of the moratorium, but it has not been approved. We don’t know what will happen next year. Unfortunately, nothing depends on us”, said the president of the association of Serbian travel agencies, YUTA, Aleksandar Senicic.

The problem is that Greek hoteliers currently have an option to refund the money only as of January 1, 2022. “Everything is quite complicated and difficult to explain, and it is clear that the state must help and protect the money of its citizens,” said Senicic.

In any case, travellers will not be at loss here, as there is also a deadline until 2022 for the money to be refunded to Serbian travel agencies and tourists.

In 2019, tourism made 20% of Greece’s gross domestic product.

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“We are counting on a loss of 15 billion compared to 2019, when tourism revenues were 18 billion euro,” said Grigoris Tasios, president of the Greek Association of Hoteliers.

According to Tasios, despite the difficulties, the country re-opened to tourists and has proved to be one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean.

“We must move forward. We must survive and take the next step”, said Tasios.

It remains to be seen whether the EU’s €750 billion aid package, of which €32 billion will go to Greece, will help compensate for the enormous losses, and not only in tourism.

(Vecernje Novosti, 17.09.2020)

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