Are opposition parties going to boycott elections again?

The opposition parties’ boycott of the next elections is not certain, say Danas’ interlocutors, commenting on the Serbian President’s announcement of upcoming parliamentary elections.

In his public address on Wednesday evening, he announced parliamentary elections as certain if at some point Prime Minister Ana Brnabić resigns, because, as he said, SNS will not be interested in forming a new government.

The opposition parties participating in the organization of the protest “Serbia against Violence” are not interested in Vučić’s offer of elections that would be held under unchanged conditions, and say that the government must first fulfill their demands and only then they would talk to Vučić.

However, the question was raised whether boycotting the eventual elections in the autumn is a realistic option like the one in 2020, or whether the opposition will still decide to go to the elections even if undemocratic conditions remain in place. Another question is whether Vučić wants to call the promised Belgrade elections in addition to the parliamentary elections and thus force the opposition to invite voters to vote because the general consensus is that the opposition parties could win power in the capital.

Political analyst Đorđe Vukadinović believes that the boycott of the new parliamentary elections is not a realistic option, and adds that the boycott would not yield the desired result.

„In other words, I’m afraid that the boycott card was played in 2020, when the organizers of the boycott promised miracles and yet, in the end, nothing like that happened either because of the pandemic or because of their disorganization,“ he says.

But despite that, he adds, the 2020 boycott was politically (at least) semi-successful and resulted in repeated elections.

„I don’t think that today’s opposition is even in agreement to boycott the election,  although some of them (PSG, DJB, DSS) wavered after the electoral threshold was lowered and took part in the elections,“ he reminds.

According to him, there will certainly be individuals and groups who will advocate such a solution this time around.

„With correct proposals and constructiveness regarding the Belgrade elections, which, after all, Vučić promised to Đilas, the regime could almost certainly eliminate those boycott-votes, but the question is whether it wants to. The state authorities want the opposition to be divided on the issue of boycott, but I don’t think that will happen,“ he points out.

(Danas, 09.06.2023)

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