Aqua Fun Belgrade water park to open on 15th June

After a failed attempt to build a huge water park in Block 44, Belgrade is finally getting one in two weeks’ time that will be located in Block 45. Albeit this will be a prefabricated, pop-up one. 

The exact location of this water park is 191, Dr Ivan Ribar Street which is some 400 metres away from the tram terminus in Block 45 in the direction of Ostruznica. The water park, called Aqua Fun Belgrade, will be opened on 15th June.

“The concept of this water park is very unusual. This is not your typical water park. Our wish was for the citizens of Belgrade to have their own oasis in the shade in the city”, said the owner of Aqua Fun Belgrade, Miljan Vuksanovic.

Aqua Fun Belgrade will not have a dug swimming pool or walking paths paved with concrete. All of the climbing structures, blow up slides (with the biggest one being 12 metres high), swimming pools and other facilities are prefabricated.

Aqua Fun Belgrade will be able to take in up to 2,000 adults and children, and will also have ice cream parlours, and fast food & beverage stands. The entrance fee will be paid at the exit, and the total cost of your stay will be scanned via bracelet that every visitor gets when entering the park.

There is a fairly big water park in the Belgrade metropolitan area, located in Jakovo, the municipality of Surcin, as well as a smaller one in Ledine which is partly outdoor and partly indoor.

(Blic, 01.06.2017)



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