Aptiv’s workers in Leskovac plant ‘voluntarily’ forced to work 12 hours a day

Violations of workers’ rights have been found at the Aptiv Contract Services Company in Leskovac. The workers have been forced to sign a declaration waiving their right to limited working hours.

A statement offered to workers to sign, states that employees ‘voluntarily want to be employed at the workplace for 12 hours a day for a period of more than one month due to the increased volume of work commissioned by the German company Daimler Centar za politike emancipacije (The Political Emancipation Centre) and Centar za dostojanstven rad (The Dignified Work Centre) have strongly condemned this practice and attached a picture of the document to their press release as evidence.

The contested declaration states that workers want to be engaged voluntarily for 12 hours a day during the period from 21 June to 31 July this year. In the second part of the contested statement, the employees practically waive their right to compensation for the consequences resulting from the unlawful working period, and these “consequences” can be mainly attributed, as they point out, to potential accidents due to fatigue or inadequate protection.

“One of the main consequences of violating the right to limited working hours and a 12-hour working day is employee’s focus is drastically reduced and they are at a significantly higher risk of occupational accidents,” the workers’ rights organisations explained.

The authenticity of the document was confirmed by the employer, and a few days later the statement of the President of the Independent Metalworkers’ Union of Serbia, Zoran Markovic, who said that the Union had the information that workers at Aptiv often work up to 72 hours a week.

(Nova, 01.07.2021)



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