April general election will probably be postponed

General elections scheduled for 26 April could be postponed due to the state of emergency in the country.

The President of Serbia and leader of the SNS party, Aleksandar Vucic, has scheduled a meeting this afternoon with representatives of the election lists that have announced their participation in the elections to discuss the postponement of the elections.

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“Following the declaration of the state of emergency all electoral activities have been suspended and will resume after the abolition of the state of emergency,” said one of the senior officials of the ruling coalition, adding: “If electoral activities are halted, the elections will be postponed too. Once the state of emergency has ceased everything will continue from where we left off”.

“We have been informed that we will meet with President Vucic at 5:00 p.m. today. The meeting has been called primarily to agree to the postponement of the elections, but there may be other topics on the table. We don’t know anything yet,” a representative of one political party has said.

According to Bojan Klacar from CeSid, at this point, it is certain that the elections will be postponed. However, it is impossible to say until when.

“If you look at the prediction of the epidemiologists, the peak of the coronavirus outbreak will not end by April 26. It does not seem realistic that we will be able to vote on April 26,” Klacar says and adds:

“The decision will not be made in the next period. We will first see how the situation will evolve. A state of emergency can last 90 days in the first round and then continue for another 90 days. Only at the end of the state of emergency will the date of the elections be decided. New deadlines will be set when the conditions for the resumption of electoral activities are met and after the decision to end the state of emergency has been taken.”

(Kurir, 17.03.2020)


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