APR raises prices of its services for companies

The Business Registers Agency (APR) raised the prices of some of their services for companies on January 1st, i.e. those primarily related to the establishment of a company, changes to company details, deletion from the registry and establishing a company electronically.

APR says that fees have not changed since 2014 hence their decision. The prices of some of the electronic services, such as submitting registrations and publishing financial statements, have not changed, while other services, which require the submission of paper documents, have become more expensive by an average of six percent.

Establishing a small business has become more expensive by 100 dinars and the relevant fee now amounts to 1,600 dinars, the cost of changing the company details on the APR database has increased from 750 to 850 dinars, while the cost of deleting a small business from the Register has also increased from 1,200 to 1,300 dinars. Also, the electronic formation of a small business has also become more expensive – from last year’s 1,000 dinars to 1,500 dinars.

Services for limited liability companies have also become more expensive – the new price for the establishment of an Ltd. (or d.o.o. in Serbian) is 6,500 dinars, while changing the company’s existing information in the register will cost 3,100 dinars instead of the previous 2,800 dinars. A higher price has been set for the service of deleting a company from the APR register – it went up from 3,000 to 3,300 dinars. E-establishment of companies is now also more expensive by 900 dinars and amounts to 5,900 dinars this year.

All fees are published on the Agency’s website, per each register and record individually.

(Biznis.rs, 06.01.2023)


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