APR launches registers containing information about all state-owned companies

The information about exactly 314 business entities in which the State of Serbia has minority or majority ownership are now available on the website of the Serbian Business Registers Agency (APR) in a single database.

As announced by the APR director, Milan Lucic, this data will be automatically updated with the data from the Register of Enterprises to ensure the transparency of business information on state-owned companies.

In cooperation with the Business Registers Agency, the Ministry of Economy has presented a unique publicly available database on business entities owned by the Serbian state authorities, called the Register of Business Entities, which will enable transparency of data through an innovative digital platform with an easy and fast search for the desired information, the Agency said.

The Ministry has thus fulfilled the long-standing need to merge data in a single interactive register, not only of all state-owned companies but also of their subsidiaries and assets, all in order to support the state in the enforcement of ownership and management of the state portfolio of companies.

 The director of the Agency for Business Registers, Milan Lucic, said that the Agency currently has 10 registers and files as mandated by the Ministry of Economy.

(N1, 27.12.2021)


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