APR: ‘Chinese own the highest number of companies in Serbia’

Judging by the thousands of companies founded by foreigners in Serbia, our country is an extremely attractive business destination, the most attractive for citizens of the People’s Republic of China, who have a total of 3,519 registered companies and businesses.

Apart from them, Serbia attracts Italians, who have 1,799 registered companies here, as well as Slovenes, Germans, Russians, Romanians, Croats, Turks, Austrians, Hungarians and Bulgarians. As of 7 September 2021, the Chinese occupy a first place by forming 2,034 companies in Serbia, the Italians second with 1,657 and the Slovenes third with 1,403.

The Chinese are also first in terms of the number of registered small businesses, 1,485, while the remaining two positions belong to the Romanians, 415, and the Russians, 278, in this category.

Among the foreign natural and legal persons registered as founders, holders of shares in domestic companies, most of them are registered with personal documents issued in the People’s Republic of China, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, the Russian Federation, Turkey, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary – the Business Registers Agency’s (APR) data shows.

“The majority of foreigners, natural persons who have registered as business owners in the Electronic Business Register in the APR are persons with personal documents issued in the People’s Republic of China, Romania, the Russian Federation, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Italy, Macedonia, Turkey, Croatia and Bulgaria,” APR PR manager Gabrijela Petković-Jovanović told Blic Biznis.

(Blic, 08.09.2021)




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