APR and police station counters to open on Monday

The counters of the Business Registers Agency (APR) will open tomorrow (Monday) for citizens both the in APR headquarters in Belgrade (25, Brankova Street) and across the country.

The working hours will be from 9 am to 3 pm.

Also, from Monday, the Agency’s archive will be open, where certificates, copies of documents and transcripts of agency decisions are issued, as well as an info-desk.

Legal aid will continue to be provided electronically, to avoid overcrowding on the Agency’s premises. Questions to the legal aid department can be sent by e-mail.

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The Agency will implement all preventive measures against the COVID-19 contagion. The number of people (clients) in the Agency will be limited and social distance will have to be respected.

Also, police counters will open on Monday where citizens can submit requests for the issuance of personal documents, the Ministry of the Interior announced today.

Citizens will now be able to register their place of residence, submit a request for the issuance of ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration, weapons registration, application for citizenship, etc.

In order to avoid queues, the Ministry of Interior advises citizens to send their application for the first vehicle registration and change of ownership of vehicles, change of driver’s licence registration and other applications related to vehicle registration to police stations by registered mail.

From tomorrow, the Aliens Office at the Police Administration in Belgrade will work with clients every day, and on weekends, from 8 am to 6.30 pm, and appointments can be scheduled by phone 011 / 3618-972 or email upravazastrance@mup.gov.rs .

(B92, RTV, 10.05.2020)




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