Approximately 360 factories will resume production on May 4

On Monday, May 4, about 360 companies involved in the production of rubber and rubber products will resume their activities again.

This was announced today by the secretary of the Rubber Industry Association of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Dragan Stevanovic, and he added that these companies include large tire factories.

Stevanovic also told the Tanjug news agency that an initiative to temporarily lift the export ban on disinfectants, detergents and soaps has been presented to the Serbian government and the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Telecommunications.

Speaking about the companies involved in rubber production, Stevanovic said that production in that industry is expected to decrease this year, not only because of the 15-20 days production hiatus but also because of the drop in demand in the European countries.

“The drop in demand in the rubber industry is expected to be around 19-20% this year,” said Stevanovic.

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He added that there are about 3,000 companies in the chemical sector employing almost 50,000 workers and that the chemical industry has seen an increase in production in recent years.

According to him, last year alone, the chemical industry realized exports of $2.7 billion, representing 15.2% of total exports of Serbia.

“There are always two or three chemical companies among the top ten exporters in the country,” said Stevanovic.

He underlined that, even during the state of emergency, the chemical industry has been very active, especially factories producing industrial gases, medical gases, alcohol, disinfectants, biocides, infectious waste bags…

“These companies have carried a heavy burden during this period because, in addition to their basic production, they have also shown strong solidarity and social responsibility by helping makeshift hospitals and working three shifts,” said Stevanovic.

“Some companies are starting to resume production and we expect that they will all start working from May 4-8,” Stevanovic said, adding that once the state of emergency is lifted, the factories will return to their primary and original production.

“Unless, in the meantime, they have found their new niche in national and regional markets, where there is a great demand for disinfectants, soaps and detergents,” Stevanovic concludes.

(B92, 28.04.2020)


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