Application for residence and work permits still not functional

The Belgrade Center for Human Rights says that the implementation of the new provisions of the Law on the Employment of Foreigners, as well as the online application for issuance of residence/work permits, began on February 1.

However, employers still cannot make the relevant payments and submit a request for a single residence permit on behalf of the employees via the application.

The law prescribes that foreign citizens in Serbia can apply for a temporary work permit in one go before the Interior Ministry and that these permits can now be issued online.

The Belgrade Center for Human Rights warns that the relevant institutions did not say anything about resolving the problem with the application, nor did they offer an alternative solution.

The Center adds that people who have been granted asylum in Serbia since February 1 do not need a work permit and go through complicated administrative procedures.

The amendments to the aforementioned law also prescribe that persons with temporary residence in Serbia for humanitarian reasons can have access to the labour market if they are victims of human trafficking, gender-based violence and other reasons of a humanitarian nature.

(Nova Ekonomija, 19.02.2024)

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