App for renting electric scooters to be launched in Belgrade in late November

Electric scooters have flooded European cities this year, and the trend of simple transportation has not bypassed Belgrade either. The Serbian capital should soon get an app for the renting of electric scooters, launched by Helbiz.

When they run the app, users can see all the available scooters on a map. Once they choose the scooter, it is unlocked by scanning the QR code. When the ride is over, the scooter should be left at a spot where it bothers no-one and the user should take a photo of it.

Initially, there will be 150 scooters on the streets of Belgrade, and the number will later be adapted in line with the demands of the market, she says.

“The price is currently being formed in line with the market research that is being carried out, but I can say that it will be adjusted to our living standard and be affordable to most,” Katarina Cvetkovic from Helbiz says.

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Helbiz operates primarily in Europe, mostly in Italian cities, and they are soon to expand to American cities, beginning with Miami.

Electric scooters are a key part of the strategy which aims to turn people away from using cars, which pollute the environment more and more. They are an excellent ecological alternative to using cars in a city and their prices in Serbia range between 18,000 and 54,000 dinars.

Traffic regulation

The government is currently preparing the draft Law on Traffic Safety, which, among other things, will regulate the use of electric scooters in traffic. The director of the Traffic Safety Agency, Jasmina Milosevic, announced earlier that, until the law was adopted, it was advisable to ride scooters on sidewalks at the speed of 6km an hour the most.

(Beograd uzivo, 18.11.2019)

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