App for detecting harmful chemicals in products now available in Serbia

The Scan4Chem app might help raise awareness among consumers, as it allows them to find out whether a product contains one of the 201 Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) according to the EU criteria.

This app is already available for use and is a part of the project carried out in Serbia by the Safer Chemicals Alternative (ALHem), along with 20 other European organizations headed by the German Environment Agency. This organization gathers chemists and experts who have experience with managing dangerous chemicals.

SHVCs can be found in everyday products, their concentration is limited to 0.1%, and they are carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction.

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“The best known of these substances are phthalates, which are common in plastic products, flame retardants in spongy furniture elements and recycled plastic, bisphenol A, which can be found in plastic water bottles and perfluorinated substances, common in waterproof clothes and damaged Teflon cookware,” said the director of the ALHem program, Jasminka Randjelovic.

In what way will this app be useful to consumers?

As the organization explains, it’s important for the users to scan the barcodes of products as soon as possible (or by entering the data available on the declaration) and send an inquest to the supplier or the producer about whether the product contains a SHVC.

According to the Chemicals Law, which has been in force in Serbia for nine years, the supplier is obliged to respond to this request within 30 days. According to the provisions of Article 27 of the Chemicals Law, consumers are entitled to information about the presence of problematic substances in the product if their concentration exceeds 0.1%.

(Politika, 16.12.2019)


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