Apartments built for thousands of Chinese in Zrenjanin

The Zrenjanin municipal council adopted a decree approving the General Regulatory Plan for the residential area in the village of Ečka, which will allow the construction of five-storey buildings in the same area. The majority of the locals and civil movements in Zrenjanin are against the decree.

Among them is the Građanski Preokret movement, which argues that by building five five-storey buildings on an area spanning 30,000 square metres, converting agricultural land into building land and settling thousands of Chinese people, the village of Ečka, which currently has a population of 3,500, will be completely changed in both environmental and demographic terms.

“The Chinese company Linglong has initiated this, namely to build an apartment complex of five five-storey buildings for its workers, and probably also the Chinese workers who are going to be engaged in building Belgrade-Zrenjanin motorway,” the movement says.

During the public debate, the Zrenjanin chief urban planner, Jelka Djordjevic, expressed her opposition to the proposed decision, because the increase in the number of apartment buildings in a lowland village makes it impossible to preserve the landscape and is detrimental to protection against the increasing effects of wind.

Urban planners estimate that at least 2,500 people will be settled here, but “considering the current practice of housing Chinese workers in Zrenjanin, it is realistic to expect that there will be around 3,000 people living in that residential complex”.

The deputy mayor of Zrenjanin, Saša Santovac, commented on the issue and said: “The aim is to understand the current situation, but also to encourage new investment activities in certain places. Anyone who wanted to find out more about the proposed plan for Ečka could have done so; the opportunity was there three times. The whole project was also subject to public inspection twice in the space of thirty days, and it was open for public perusal for fifteen days. The people living here could have obtained information and participate further in the decision-making process,” Santovac said.

(, 21.09.2021)

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