Antwerp Port Authority plans to build a port in Belgrade

Serbian Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Tomislav Momirovic, has said that almost half a billion euros will be invested in the Port of Belgrade next year.

Speaking during a tour of the port with a delegation of the Antwerp Port Authority, Momirovic said that the investments in the waterways sector would include the river ports Bogojevo, Prahovo and Sremska Mitrovica along with investments already made in the port of Novi Sad.

The Antwerp Port Authority delegation expressed interest in the construction of a new port in the Serbian capital.

In February this year, at the invitation of the management of the Antwerp Port Authority, Momirović visited the Antwerp Port, the largest in Europe, which employs 150,000 people and is one of the driving forces behind the economic development not only Belgium but also the European Union.

(, 20.06.2022)




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