Antic: Government will see what it can do to reduce fuel prices

Mining and Energy Minister, Aleksandar Antic said today that he hoped that the world oil price would fall in the near future, which could lead to a reduction in fuel prices in Serbia, adding that if there was no other possibility for price reduction, the government would undertake certain measures.

Fuel prices in Serbia rose by 4.8% last month, while diesel prices went up by 6.2% due to the increase in crude oil prices.

Dissatisfied consumers announced protests for 8th June due to price increases.

“We will observe how the crude oil prices will develop in the upcoming period with the hope that they would fall. If that does not happen, we will see what measures the government has at its disposal to reduce the prices. We must bear in mind that the market both formulates and dictates fuel prices”, Antic said for the TV station Prva.

Speaking about the construction of the TANAP gas pipeline, Antic pointed out that this was changing the map of Southeast Europe, because Turkey was becoming a “serious gas hub”.

(eKapija, 05.06.2018)


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