Anti-globalist protest in Belgrade against vaccination and Covid-pass

Several thousand people gathered in Belgrade on Saturday to express their opposition to forced vaccination, Covid-passes and testing of children in schools.

The protest was also attended by the representatives of the Narodna Patrola movement, the Ujedinjeni Narod Srbije movement, Anti globalists of Serbia, the Pokret Srpske Sabornosti movement, as well as several doctors who are planning a petition against vaccination and COVID passes.

Among those present was also the leader of the Dveri Movement, Boško Obradović, who said that Dveri was there as a favour to Anti globalists of Serbia, which who had supported one of Dveri’s protests on 15 May.

Obradovic added the Serbian Constitution should not be violated under the pretext of imposing epidemiological measures, and that no one should force COVID passports and vaccination on children. “This is a preventive protest to warn the government not to go in that direction, because it will be met with great resistance from Serbian citizens,” Obradovic underlined.

The main organiser of the rally, Ivica Božić, told Danas daily that the state authorities should not coerce people into doing something they don’t want to do. “We will not allow any coercion by the authorities to forcibly vaccinate and forcibly test our children every week,” Bozic said. “We are here because of everything that oppresses Serbian citizens. There are also atheists here, people from both the right and the left political option and people who have been vaccinated,” Bozic said.

In her speech, Sanja Vujanović said that she was staunchly against Covid-passes, while head physician Alek Racic said that anti-globalism should be taught as a subject in schools, so that children “learn at once who the globalists who are destroying the world are”, adding that “the pharmaceutical mafia has taken over medicine, while the globalists have taken over education”.

A doctor from the Narodni Front hospital, Borislav Antonijevic, spoke on behalf of the Doctors and Parents’ Science and Ethics Movement and said that ‘masks protect against viruses just like a wire mesh protects against mosquitoes”. “The most important thing is to remember that we have to go back to being ourselves and be like before – hospitable, honourable and honest people, because these are our qualities,” Dr Antonijevic added.

On behalf of the protesters, Damnjan Knežević, presented the demands against the Covid-pass and invited people to attend a church liturgy on Sunday under the blessing of the Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarchate.

(Danas, 19.09.2021)



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