Another postal fraud circulating

Hundreds of people have received text messages that have allegedly come from the Serbian Post Office, asking them to enter their personal details online. However, the Post Office warns that this is fraud which goal is to obtain the data on the user’s credit and debit cards.

If you receive such a message, you should notify your bank immediately. The said message contains a link that the user should click on in order to confirm their delivery address.  

Milica Spasić, Director of the Information Technology, Electronic Communications and Development Function at the Serbian Post Office, says that that is a classic fraud.  

“If they click on the link, the next page requires them to enter their card details in order to pay a certain amount of money for the package to be again delivered to them again. The users who entered their details were actually deceived and their details were misused. The Serbian Post Office never addresses its users in this manner and does not require them to enter their personal data online,” Spasić added.

(RTS, 23.01.2024)

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